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Dr Simon Farmer  PhD FRCP is a Consultant Neurologist who practices at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Sq, London - University College Hospital, London. His private practice is at The National Hospital, Queen Square and King Edward VII Sister Agnes, Beaumont St, London. 

Dr Simon Farmer is a Consultant Neurologist with particular expertise in general diagnostic neurology, movement disorders, neuro-ophthalmology and spinal disorders. 


Dr Simon Farmer has negotiated with all the major insurance companies who have agreed to honour telephone consultations as well as face to face consultations during this time in the Covid 19 pandemic.  This applies to both Follow up consultations and for New Patients, provided new patients have a referral letter and their authorisation approved.

Telephone consultations and where requested Zoom video calls will take place at an agreed time and date as per a normal out patient appointment.  Advice and a letter will be produced and the necessary tests will then be arranged if needed.  Depending on the neurological problem and the latest Covid 19 situation Government advice, we can also arrange a face to face appointment when and where appropriate.

If you are an existing patient under the care of Dr Farmer and have concerns re Covid 19 and your neurological condition please contact molly.kellam

General Neurology and Acute Liaison Neurology: Between 1996 and 2010 at St Mary’s/Imperial College NHS Trust and the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, Queen Square, Dr Farmer offered a consultant-lead general neurology service (2 clinics per week; 14 neurology in-patient beds) and along with colleagues a 24/7 acute neurology liaison support service to one of London’s premier general teaching hospitals (St Mary’s, Paddington). This work included diagnosis and management of the entire range of undifferentiated acute neurological illness e.g. Stroke, Myasthenia, Guillan-Barre, Status Epilepticus, CNS infection.  Since his move to a full time NHS post at the National Hospital, Queen Square in 2010, in addition to his sub-specialist interests Dr Farmer continues to offer an out-patient and inpatient general neurology service.

Movement Disorders and Parkinson’s Disease:  Dr Farmer ran the St Mary's Hospital Movement Disorder service from 1996-2010 and he continues this work at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery in London.  He is a consultant within the movement disorder service at the National Hospital and specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia, myoclonus, ataxia and functional movement disorders. He works with the functional neurosurgery team at the National Hospital and is Principal Investigator within the Institute of Neurology’s Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders

 Neuro-ophthalmology: Dr Farmer co-ran with first Mr James Acheson and subsequently with Mrs Veronica Ferguson a weekly neuro-ophthalmology clinic at the Western Eye Hospital, London from 1998-2010. Acute neuro-ophthalmology problems e.g. severe optic neuritis, pituitary apoplexy, CNS vasculitis/Behcets and disorders of eye movements were admitted under his care to St Mary’s Hospital, London. Dr Farmer has expertise in the diagnosis and management of all aspects of neuro-ophthalmology and since May 2010 has continued his NHS neuro-ophthalmology work at the National Hospital, London.  He continues to enjoy close working relationships with his previous as well as current consultant ophthalmologist and consultant neuro-ophthalmologist colleagues.

Medical Management of Spinal Cord and Spinal Column Disorders:  Dr Farmer receives a number of referrals for second opinions from spinal orthopaedic and spinal neurosurgeon colleagues to his practices.  He has written and edited significant sections in 2 major neurology text books in this area and has lectured on the ‘Imperial Spine Course’.  His expertise in this field is in helping to guide decisions relating to surgical versus medical management of spinal cord and spinal column disorders 

Research and Public engagement:  Dr Farmer is active in basic and clinic neuroscience research at the Institute of Neurology and enjoys active collaborations with colleagues with other Universities in the UK and abroad.  He is the supervisor and mentor of a number of PhD students. He has been board member and trustee of the Bobath Foundation.  He is involved with lecturing and running seminars in neurology & neuroscience for trainees and general practitioners.  He has advised and taken part in the making of several television programmes relating to his research. 


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